We worship God in the preparation and delivery of the sermon. Nehemiah 8:8 states, “So they read in the book in the law of God distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading.” This text serves as the guideline for Biblical Preaching. We live in a time when churches approach the Scriptures with a biased attitude, presenting God’s Word in a way that validates their own biblical framework. The honest approach to Scriptures is to unpack the Word of God as God intended for them to be understood in the context of the original hearers. It is the duty and privilege of the preacher to bring the original intent to bear upon the modern culture in which we live.
North Casnovia is exegetical and systematic as we preach through various books of the Bible. It is our intention that through the preaching of God’s Word you will leave the service with a high view of God, an egregious view of sin, and understand how the listener is responsible for living out the truth that the individual has heard in the sermon. We are intentional to be both experiential (learn principles and application) and discriminatory (understanding that both the regenerated and unregenerate who sit under preaching need to hear specific instruction as to how they each respond according to the Word of God).

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